Why CWL?

We’re different and different is good

After almost twenty years of practicing law the old way (big buildings, lots of staff, associates and the almighty billable hour) we at Church Watson have reimagined the practice of law. We’re a client-centered law firm for the 21st century. What does this mean for you, the client? Big Law service and experience without the uncertainty of the expense or lack of control. Our fees are now based on a fixed-fee model, allowing you to know with predictability and certainty what each step of the divorce journey will cost you. At every step, we can be involved as much or as little as you like. Through our limited representation services menu, you decide when you need our help and when you don’t. Of course, if you want us to hop in and handle everything, we can still do that. 

To make ourselves more accessible, we have completely disrupted the typical law practice model. There is no big building with our name on it; we can now meet you wherever you are and have offices ready for you in multiple locations. Through the use of technology, we have streamlined our process and made everything more readily accessible to you the client. You will have direct access to your attorney – no need to pay to talk to multiple people or tell your story multiple times. These changes have made Church Watson more accessible, efficient and affordable.


At Church Watson Law we have made getting to us easier for our clients.  We no longer have a big building with our name on it.  Instead we have access to meeting rooms all over both Mecklenburg and Iredell Counties.  Whether you are in Charlotte, Lake Norman, Davidson or Mooresville; we are where you are.  When scheduling your consult we will be sure to help you select a meeting location that works best for you.

At Church Watson, you are our partner;
let us know how we can help.

How can we help?