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Nearly 20 people a minute are physically abused by a romantic partner. Nothing is more frightening than being in an abusive relationship. If you have children that are witnessing the abuse or are subjected to the abuse themselves, the fear is magnified. North Carolina, including all of greater Charlotte, NC, has specific statutes that provide for quick relief in these situations. N.C. Gen. Stat. Chapter 50B sets out who can get a domestic violence protective order (DVPO), how to get a DVPO and what is included in a DVPO.

In order to receive a DVPO you must be in a personal relationship with the abuser.  Personal relationships include:

  1. Current or former spouses;
  2. Two people of the opposite sex who live together or used to live together;
  3. Parents and children, or grandparents and grandchildren;
  4. Current or former household members; or
  5. Two people of opposite sex who are now, or were, in a dating relationship.

If you are in one of these relationships and someone takes any of the following actions, then you can get an emergency order protecting you and your children and may be entitled to a one-year order of protection.  The covered actions are:

  1. Intentionally causing or attempting to cause bodily injury.
  2. Making another person, or a member of their family, be in fear of imminent serious bodily injury or in fear of continued harassment that causes substantial emotional distress; or
  3. Committing an act of rape or other criminal sex offense.

We know it may seem like there’s nowhere to turn, but our domestic violence lawyers in Huntersville, Cornelius and Mooresville, NC are here to help and there are excellent community resources like Safe Alliance who are also ready, willing and able to help you escape the abuse.


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